IECS remote sensing group


Sentinel for confidence in outdated maps (SentiMap)

Remote sensing based system for forest risk factor monitoring (ForestRisk)

Object based context aware self-learning network for land cover classification (Dynland-2)

Automated identification of mires and peatlands using multi-temporal satellite data (MireClass)

Satellite remote sensing- based forest stock estimation technology (WoodStock)

Dynamic land use monitoring by fusion of satellite data (DynLand)

Development of technologies for secure and reliable smart city (GUDPILS)

Multi-model development technology for .NET application projects (MEDUS)

Innovative technologies for acquisition and processing of biomedical images (InBiT)

Analysis of multispectral data of Dviete floodplain (Dviete)

Development of Novel X-ray Inspection System for Fast Automated Detection of Counterfeit PCB Components (ChipCheck)

Identification of tree species in Latvian forests (TrIdent)

Modular High Speed X-ray Detection and Sorting Systems for Production Process Control and Packaging Quality Control (MODULINSPEX)