IECS remote sensing group


Remote Sensing & Image Processing Group was formed by IECS researchers during the work on the MODULINSPEX project. Research results in pattern recognition and development experience of digital image processing systems accumulated in IECS were used to re-establish this topic as one of the main research directions of the institute. During the recent years several other groups of researchers emerged in IECS dealing with image processing tasks. Gradually our group shifted focus towards processing of remote sensing (mainly multispectral and hyperspectral) data.

Development of application specific image processing algorithms and their implementation in software is performed by the group. Application tasks requiring real-time operation or processing of huge data are targeted mainly where effective algorithms suitable for really fast operation are required. The following research directions are established:

The group is participating in European joint research projects (MODULINSPEX, ChipCheck), performing projects on the contractual basis (TrIdent, Dviete), financed by the European structural funds (InBiT, MEDUS, WoodStock, ForestRisk), European Space Agency (DynLand, MireClass, Dynland-2), and state budget (GUDPILS). We are seeking collaboration within Horizon Europe programme and ready to deal with new challenging tasks where our accumulated experience might be useful.