IECS remote sensing group


Modular High Speed X-ray Detection and Sorting Systems for Production Process Control and Packaging Quality Control

The project is aimed at development of flexible, sensitive, fast and low-cost on-line industrial X-ray inspection systems applied for quality control of food, packaging, novel materials and combinations.

Project duration: 36 months (2005-2008)

Partners: Cavendish Instruments Limited (UK), DETECTRONIC A/S (Denmark), INNOSPEXION APS (Denmark- coordinator), Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (Latvia), OY AJAT LTD (Finland), ZENON SA Robotics and Informatics (Greece)

IECS developed image processing algorithms for contaminant detection:

  • Adaptable to the characteristics of specific objects to be found
  • Finding metal objects, fishbones and other contaminants
  • C implementation
  • Analysis of images in real time mode (less than 1s)
  • Applicable in conveyor systems